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Walk Springfield - Cooper Park

Location: Greene County, MO
Distance: 1.46 Miles
Type of Path: Parks & Recreation Trails
Difficulty: Easy

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Created by Walk Springfield on 04/15/2012

Walk Springfield's Notes

This route is just under 1.5 miles, taking about 30 minutes.The trail was in great shape and was paved the all the way around. It would be a great place to bring children as there are playgrounds in the area. There are also baseball fields in the center of the trail which also sets up a fun environment. In the areas around the trail there are signs that prohibit playing baseball to protect the walkers which I thought was a great idea. The parking was great. The best place to park for easy access to the trail is in the soccer complex parking lot. There were no games in play when we went so we cannot comment on how the parking would be while games are being played. The trail was not crowded during this time. I would advise bringing your own water as there are no water fountains in the area that I was aware of. The trail is dog friendly and had a place to put doggy bags. I would not recommend this trail or riding bikes or for running as the trail is narrow and it would be difficult to pass others.
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